Graham Hughey Logo
Name Graham Hughey
Nationality American
Country United States of America
Location Selma, Alabama
Time Zone Central Standard Time
Beliefs & Hobbies
Favorite parties National Front (France)
Republican Party (United States)
UK Independence Party
Favorite politician Marine Le Pen
Leader of the National Front
Ideology Paleoconservatism
National conservatism
Social conservatism
Religion Methodist Christianity

My name is Graham Hughey, I go by the nickname Echo. I live in United States where I write and produce political dialogs and articles. I am also a website developer and a graphic designer. I have been creating websites for about two years now while working on graphics and designs for about three years.

Politics Edit


I am also into politics and governmnent, I have been very intrested and enthuseastic about the next U.S. President Donald J. Trump, and his campaign to the most powerful office in the entire world. In my spare time I like to create fictional government affairs likes fictions nations (e.g. Chernarus). I have been introduced to many different ideologies starting as a libertarian and moving myself up the spectrum to more of a right-wing nationalist ideology to be more of a steadfast conservative.

To stay updated with my news and information about what is happening I usually watch FOX News, which, in my opinion, to be the least unbiased media source, and watch many segments and shows. My favorite shows (in order) are Hannity, Tucker Carlson Tonight, the First 100 Days, Watters World, and Red Eye.


I am very familiar with many of the political ideologies and what ideology is the best for a government due to history and how the country was operated. Some of my beliefs are:

  • Paleoconservatism
  • National conservatism
  • Social conservatism
  • Right-wing populism
  • Protectionism
  • Hard Euroscepticism

Some minor ideologies and policies are:

  • Anti-communism
  • Anti-globalization
  • Anti-liberalism
  • Anti-immigration
  • Homophobia
  • Islamophobia
  • Non-progressivism