Government of Chernarus
Vláda Černarus
Правительство Черноруссии
Central Government
Emblem of the Central Government of Chernarus
Established December 24, 1991
State Chernarus
Leader Prime Minister
Appointer Presidential nomination with
National Assembly confirmation
Responsible to National Assembly
Headquarters Government Palace
Novigrad, Chernarus

The Government of Chernarus (Chernarussian: Vláda Černarus; Russian: Правительство Черноруссии) exercises executive power of state in Chernarus.

It is led by the Prime Minister of Chernarus, known as the Chairman of the Government, who is nominated by the President of Chernarus, and is usually the leader of majority party or of majority coalition after an election to the National Assembly of Chernarus. The Cabinet is appointed by the president on recommendation of the prime minister must gain a vote of confidence in the National Assembly.

The Cabinet is a collegiate body consisting of the Cabinet's presidium composed of five individual and several ministries that are represented by their respective minister. Some ministries maybe headed by members of the Cabinet presidium. The presidium of Cabinet is composed of the Prime Minister of Chernarus who presides over the Cabinet. The Secretariat of Cabinet of Ministers ensures the operations of the cabinet.


Office Name Political party
Prime Minister Miroslav Dvořák NOS
Minister of Internal Affairs Luboš Jeřábek NOS
Minister of Foreign Affairs Maxmilián Horváth ZPS
Minister of Defense Roman Souček NOS
Minister of Justice Casimír Varték NOS
Minister of Commerce Pavel Janoušek NOS
Minister of Economics Richard Zacpal NOS
Minister of Finance Jan Dušek Independent
Minister of Agriculture Tadeáš Matoušek Independent
Minister of Industry Slavomír Šulc NOS
Minister of Transportation
and Regional Development
Čeněk Jaroš Independent
Minister of Agriculture Viktor Kořínek Independent
Minister of Culture Václav Krejci NOS