National Assembly of the Republic of Chernarus
Národní Shromáždění Republiky Černarus (Chernarussian)
Национальное Собрание Республики Черноруссии (Russian)

National Assembly Logo v1 (Chernarus)
Type Unicameral
Speaker Julius Tesař, NSO
since December 15, 2011
Prime Minister Miroslav Dvořák, NSO
since February 20, 2012
Seats 70
National Assembly Chernarus (current composition)
Political parties Government (45)

•       National (34)
•       Law and Order (11)

Opposition (25)
•       Liberal (20)
•       Commune (4)
•       Social Dems (1)

Previous election January 5, 2016
Next election January 5, 2020
Meeting Place
Novigrad National Assembly, Chernarus

Novigrad Assembly Hall
Novigrad, Chernarus

The National Assembly of the Republic of Chernarus (Chernarussian: Národní Shromáždění Republiky Černarus; Russian: Национальное Собрание Республики Черноруссии) is the unicameral legislature assembly of Chernarus. It consists of 65 members elected every 4 years using open-list proportional representation in one multi-member nationwide constituency. After elections, the assembly then elects a president, who will function as the head of state. Then, the president appoints a prime minister as the head of government who in return assembles a cabinet, both subject to assembly approval.