President of Chernarus
Prezident Černarus
Президент Черноруссии
Chernarussian Presidential Seal
Presidential Seal
Chernarussian President Ludvik Skala
Ludvík Skala
since February 20, 2012
Style Mr. President
His Excellency
Residence Novigrad Palace
Seat Novigrad, Chernarus
Appointer Popular vote
Term length Four years
renewable twice
Inaugural holder Vilém Švec
Formation February 16, 1991
(26 years ago)
Succession Prime Minister of Chernarus
Salary 380,000 Kč annually

The President of Chernarus is the elected head of state of Chernarus and the Commander-in-Chief of the Military of Chernarus. Unlike counterparts in other Central European countries such as Austria and Hungary, who are generally considered figureheads, the Chernarussian president has a considerable role in political affairs. Many powers can only be exercised with the signatures of both the President and the Prime Minister of Chernarus, responsibility over some political issues is effectively shared between the two offices.